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Collecting rules:
Rules for collecting wild mushrooms vary
considerably by location and are changing all
the time. Here are personal use 2012 collecting rules.
If you collect on public land, double-check
with the local agency office or ranger
station to make sure these are current. If
you collect on private land, be sure to
get permission from the land owner.

Some species are restricted from collecting,
usually to help conserve them. These are mostly
rare speciesthat are uncommonly found. Scroll
down at the PSMS site to learn more.
Read about commercial picking rules here.

Video links:
The many fun ways to be a fungus
Fungus canon at 180,000 gee
From the BBC, watch fungi grow
Time lapse Amanita muscaria

Mushroom ID:
Mushroom Matchmaker
Keys to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
(Pacific Northwest Key Council)
Mushrooms Commonly Found in NW Washington
(Dr. Fred Rhoades' List)
Taxonomic Revisions For Mushrooms Demystified
(David Aurora's field guide)
North American Mycological Association
(Access NAMA Journal and newsletters)
Oregon State University Mycological Collection
Tom Volk's Site (His was the first on the Internet!)
Myco Electronica
Other links courtesy Vanmyco

Mushroom publications:
Mushroom the Journal (Our website host)
Fungi Magazine

Other mushroom clubs:
Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society (KPMS)
Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society (OPMS)
Oregon Mycological Society (OMS)
Puget Sound Mycological Society (PSMS)
Snohomish County Mycological Society (SCMS)
South Sound Mushroom Club (SSMC)
Spokane Mushroom Club (SMC)
S. Vancouver Island Mycological Society (SVIMS)
Vancouver Mycological Society (VMS)
Yakima Valley Mushroom Society (YVMS)

Medicinal mushrooms:
Fungi Health, the medicinal benefits of mushrooms
Wikipedia article with useful links

Russian ethnomycology book:
Mushrooms, Russia and History
(Download this rare book for free)

Nadine's favorite links:
Explore and enjoy!

Weather sites:
Recent WA precipitation accumulations
(NWS data)
Recent WA precipitation
(Storm total, National Weather Service)
Recent WA Precipitation (Intellicast)

NMA online event calendar:
TJ Olney's Online Calendar

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